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Interview with Cheryl Reeve, from Minnesota Lynx

Minnesota Lynx Head Coach Cheryl Reeve spoke to Solobasket about their #1 pick in the WNBA Draft, their expectations for the new season and how she sees women basketball.
Here are her answers. 

-After three years choosing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th player in the draft, how does it feel to choose the number one?It's such an exciting time for our franchise to be choosing No. 1 in a year when the consensus #1 pick is one of the most decorated women's college basketball players ever.

-Do you believe Maya Moore (6'0''-F-89) can be an impact player in WNBA this season?There is no doubt in my mind that Maya will be an impact player in every season she plays in the WNBA, including her rookie season.

-When did you have to make the decision to choose her?We knew since the we won the draft lottery held in November that the Lynx would be adding Maya Moore.

-As for Amber Harris (6'5''-F-88), did you have her mind already? Was it a tough decision to pick her?Amber Harris is a player that we coveted in the 2010 draft before she reached the decision to return to Xavier for her fifth season of eligibility. When Amber was not available in the 2010 draft, we made the decision to trade the #3 pick to Connecticut for their 2011 1st round pick. When Amber Harris was available at the #4 pick in this draft, we were elated.

-What are the main goals of Minnesota Lynx this season?The goal for the Lynx is to be the best in the West and compete for the WNBA Championship

-Getting ready for training camp, do you feel positive about reaching these goals?Having a full training camp as a result of the later start to our season and with the depth and talent we have at every position I feel very good about our ability to reach our goal.

-This year, because of Eurobasket, we will have less European players in the league. Do you think we will see changes in the quality of the game?While we will miss the European players participating in the WNBA, I don't believe the quality of the WNBA game will suffer.

- What do you think of having your athletes playing all year, in both the European and the WNBA season?I believe the WNBA players enjoy both experiences of playing in the WNBA and in Europe. However, the toll it takes on the bodies of these athletes is a concern for coaches in both leagues.

-Last year, you had Nuria Martinez (5'9''-PG-84) on your roster. Are you following any other Spanish player who might be able to join the Lynx in the future?We really enjoyed having Nuria in Minneapolis last summer as she was fun to coach and a good teammate. The Lynx also had Anna Montanana (6'1''-F-80, agency: Josep and Nicolas, college: George Washington) on the roster in 2009. We will certainly continue to follow women's basketball in Spain to identify future prospects for the WNBA.


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